Hindi Newspaper: Amar Ujala (Immortal Shine) At Chandigarh,
April 14, 2000, by DR. UPENDRA
Hindi Newspaper clipping

... So Karmapa is an adult!
In fact, the 17th Karmapa Ugyen Thinley Dorji is an adult, not a 14 year-old boy as have been said by the China Government or the Tibetan Government in Exile.

The consensus proof has come out after the thorough examination of the X-ray of his chest, electron-cardiogram, kidney, liver, various parts of stomach by ultrasound, and examination of his blood together with haemoglobin etc in P.G.I. (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) that Karmapa Dorji is a fully grown up man.

A member of the specialist panel who has been treating Shri Karmapa in P.G.I. declares that after the thorough examination and review, it is proved that Karmapa can't be less than 24 years old by all means, let alone 14 or 15 years old. "According to the measurement data prescribed in medical text and the vein, thymus, thyroid and the whole structure of his body, it is verified that he is a fully grown up man." Professor S. K. Sharma, director of P.G.I. told Amar Ujala. He accepts that Shri Dorji is a fully grown up man. Although he didn't mention whether he is 24 or 27, he just told "I could only say according to the medical report that Karmapa has crossed 21 years old. He can't by all means be said as a minor".

Professor Sharma also admits that there can be slight difference of half or 1 year found in medical report due to different diet. However, after the thorough examination, one can't say that Karmapa is a minor. Since the medical report has proved that Karmapa is an adult, the China government can not claim politically to the Indian government to send Karmapa back to Tibet by saying that he is a minor of 14 years old. Indian government has lots of concrete sources to prove that Kamarpa Ugyen Thinley Dorji in fact is more than 21 years old. He has come to India according to his own wish. As an adult, he can think of himself properly what is good or bad.

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